Woodland Booking Fees


Direct Debit & Payment Schedules

  • All Direct Debits will occur automatically Weekly on Thursdays at 12:00pm EST
  • We encourage families to check their balance before Thursday as this will confirm and display the amount to be automatically Direct Debited - Click Here To See How


External Direct Debit Fees & Surcharges (Debit Success Xplor) 

  • Direct Debit is $0.60 + GST per instance
  • Credit Card is 2.14% of transaction amount + GST
  • Amex is 3.0% of the transaction amount + GST
  • Failed Transaction $19.95
  • Debit Success Terms and Conditions Attached



Debit Success Xplor (Payment Provider Details) 

Company: Xplor Debit Success 

Phone: 1800 148 848



Additional Information: 
Please see here for more information relating to Woodlands Fees & Payments Policy (QA7)


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