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๐Ÿ’ฌ Woodlands Email Communication Process & Response Time

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Woodlands Email Communication Process & Response Time

The speed of our Campus Leadership Team's response time depends on the priority level assessed by the email's title and the communication's content. Depending on communication, circumstances, and other factors will determine the response of the timeframe from the Woodlands Campus Leadership Team.

Due to the nature of the Early Childhood Education Space. Woodlands receives specific communications relating to children's health, education, and development which results in providing a specific response to individuals, which requires clarification and gathering of information from Woodland educators and teachers. This is why email response times are not stipulated in our email process, as our Woodlands Campus Leadership Team follows a Priority Levels Guide listed below. 

As part of Woodland's processes and expectations of communications, many requests and communications between Woodlands and parents, Government Bodies/Organizations, Non-Government Bodies/Organisations, or any other external individuals, groups, or organizations require an email communication as part of our verification process, proof of identity, In addition, to allow us to have a documented record of such requests, questions, comments, which includes time logs, date logs, and individuals or parties associated to the email communication. 

โ›” Please Note:

  • Our Woodlands Campus Leadership Team will endeavour to respond to your email as quickly as possible.
  • Our Woodlands Campus Leadership Team may also increase the priority level and response if the situation or communication is deemed to be more urgent. 
  • Woodland encourages email communication because it allows us Woodlanders to respond accordingly and follow up formally. We recommend you send one email and wait for a response as we sort our emails from oldest to newest.
  • Woodlands expects all individuals to send communications to the correct Woodlands Campus, and Woodlands will provide the correct information if the individual needs clarification on the contact details. 
  • Woodlands utilizes an intelligent email and ticket system, which means no email communications can be deleted, missed, or unanswered. 

๐Ÿ“ง Email Priority Levels

  • PRIORITY 1 Children's Health & Safety: The well-being and safety of all Woodlands children are deemed a high priority at all times, and any email communications related to Children's Health & Safety will have the Campus Leadership Team's immediate attention. 
  • PRIORITY 2 Billing Accounts, Bookings, General Enquiries & Questions: General questions and information is held in high regard by Woodlands and we welcome any form of communication from individuals requiring assistance or clarification, as we understand parents and external parties require assistance and clarification relating to education, development, processes, policies, accounts, bookings and accounts.

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