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  • Who We Are - We’re a team of great humans, teachers, and educators dedicated to children's development and the Childcare and Kindergarten Early Year's Education.
  • What We Do - At Woodlands we help children succeed and reach their full potential by providing full-time teachers and educators dedicated to education, access to a variety of educational experiences, and opportunities for children to learn life skills.
  • Our Woodlands Promise - We put the child first. In everything we do, we work to build a community where every child and parent at Woodlands has the support to succeed and thrive.
  • Our Ask Of You - Ensure your child attends Woodlands Childcare & Kindergarten regularly to allow them to reach their full potential, and power other children to reach their own.
  • What To Expect From Us - Be powered by an educational community. You'll have access to talented educators and teachers called ``Woodlanders`` who share the same determination, passion for education, and will support your child's success.


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  • Woodlands supports the participation of students (including work placement) and volunteers wanting to develop professional skills and knowledge in their effort to become Early Childhood Professionals. We aim to build relationships with community members, providing appropriate learning opportunities for students and volunteers to contribute to our program.

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