Governance Policy (QA7)

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Woodlands - Governance Policy

The Governance Policy provides the overall direction, effectiveness, supervision and accountability of a Service. Management is responsible for guiding the direction of the service, ensuring that its goals and objectives are met in line with the philosophy, and all legal and regulatory requirements governing the operation of the service.


National Quality Standard (NQS)

Quality Area 7: Governance and Leadership



Governance supports the operation of a quality service


Management Systems

Systems are in place to manage risk and enable the effective management and operation of a quality service


Roles and Responsibilities

Roles and responsibilities are clearly defines, and understood and support effective decision making and operation of the service



Effective leadership builds and promotes a positive organisational culture and professional learning community


Continuous improvement

There is an effective self-assessment and quality improvement process In place


Educational leadership

The educational leader is supported and leads the development and implementation of the educational program and assessment and planning cycle


Development of professionals

Educators, co-ordinations and staff members’’ performance is regularly evaluated and individual plans are in place to support learning and development.


Education and Care Services National Regulations

Children (Education and Care Services) National Law


Education and care services must have policies and procedures


Prescribed enrolment and other documents to be kept by approved provider


Confidentiality of records kept by approved provider


Confidentiality and storage of records

Family Assistance Law

A New Tax System (Family Assistance)(Administration) Act 1999


Payments to Providers of individuals’ entitlements to CCS or ACCS by fee reduction


Payments to provider in respect of provider’s own entitlement to be paid ACCS (child well




Our Service aims to ensure all legal and financial requirements are implemented and recognised through appropriate governance practices, providing quality education and care, meeting the principles, practices and elements of the Early Years Learning Framework and the National Quality Standard.



This policy applies to children, families, staff, management and visitors of the Service.



Governance is the process by which our Service is directed, controlled and held accountable to ensure the right decisions are made.

 The Approved Provider and Nominated Supervisor of the Service accept the legal responsibilities associated with establishing and administrating the Service. Woodlands has the following established positions: 


The owners of the business license and investors in the service.

Approved Provider

The Person/s approved and registered with ACECQA as those with overarching responsibility for the management of the service and compliance

Nominated Supervisor (PMC)

The person appointed by the approved Provider to have responsibility for the day to day running of the service and any discussions regarding CCS

Campus Manager of Administration

Person appointed by Approved Provider to manage the Administration, including staffing, compliance, parent accounts and application of CCS, for the service.  This may be the Nominated Supervisor

Leader of Teaching and Learning

Person appointed by Approved Provider to manage the centres Educational program, performance and professional development of staff, and compliance, for the service


The Approved Provider is responsible for:

  • Ensuring compliance with the Education and Care Services National Law and Education and Care Services National Regulations
  • Complying with family assistance law
  • Appointing a Nominated Supervisor, an Educational Leader and a Director/coordinator for the Service
  • Supporting the Nominated Supervisor [Responsible Persons] in their role, providing adequate resources (Xplor) and Training upon appointment, and regular ongoing webinar access in Xplor to ensure effective administration of the Service
  • Being an employer
  • Complying with funding agreements where appropriate
  • Ensuring the Service remains financially viable and can meet its debts and other obligations as they fall due
  • Managing control and accountability systems
  • Completing a Quality Improvement Plan for the Service and update it at least annually
  • Complying with all other Victorian and Australian governments’ legislation that impacts upon the management and operations of a Service.
  • Acting honestly and with due diligence
  • Developing coherent aims and goals that reflect the interests, values and beliefs of all stakeholders of the Service
  • Developing a clear and agreed philosophy which guides business decisions and the work of Management and staff
  • Ensuring there is a sound foundation of policies and procedures that complies with all legislative and regulatory requirements, and that enables the daily operation of the Service to be in line with the Service’s philosophy and goals.
  • Maintaining up to date and current policies and procedures for compliance by all Educators.
  • Establishing clearly defined roles and responsibilities for the members of the Management Committee and staff, individually and as a collective - clearly articulate the relationship between all stakeholders.
  • Reviewing the Service’s budget and monitoring financial performance and management to ensure the Service is solvent at all times and has good financial strength.
  • Approving annual financial statements and providing required reports to government setting and maintaining appropriate delegations and internal controls.
  • Appointing staff and monitoring their performance
  • Evaluating and improving the performance of the Management Committee
  • Ensuring all Educators and staff have a clear understanding of the hierarchy of management
  • Reviewing the work process regularly
  • Providing clear, and direct feedback and instruction that is suitable and communicated in writing.


The Nominated Supervisor is responsible for:

  • Adhering to the National Education and Care Service Regulations and National Law
  • Developing ethical standards and a code of conduct which guides actions and decisions in a way that is consistent and reflective of the Service’s expectations
  • Undertaking periodical planning and risk assessments and having appropriate risk management strategies in place to manage risks faced by the Service
  • Ensuring that the actions of and decisions made are clear and consistent and will help build confidence in all stakeholders
  • The day to day management of the Service
  • Completing training with parents and Educators on the use of Xplor CCMS (hub and app-based) platform to ensure the accurate electronic recording of attendance data for all children in attendance
  • Ensuring regular checks are undertaken to confirm attendance records are completed accurately by close of business Friday in preparation for Xplor to auto-submit on Friday evening
  • Providing Parents with current Fee policy documents outlining the family’s responsibility for payment of fees, requirements for the application of CCS, management of children’s allowable and additional absences, including but not limited to Public Holiday charges and application of Holiday discounts
  • The effectiveness of the Service’s well-defined partnership between the Management Committee and the Nominated Supervisor. The partnership requires a clear understanding of roles and responsibilities, and regular and open communication
  • Producing outcomes together with Educators and Staff. Educators must agree on their responsibilities and work according to current policies and procedures.
  • Providing educators with training, resources and support.
  • Identifying and reporting if something significant occurs.
  • Identifying work required for completion and delegate to Educators/staff
  • Ensuring Educators and Staff do not delegate responsibilities for which they are accountable for or have been delegated to them by Management.
  • Delegate all tasks in writing with a clear due date.
  • Ensuring Educators are adhering to service policies and procedures.


CCS Reporting:

 Sign In/Out:

  • Our Xplor CCMS software allows parents, educators and administrators/directors to sign children in/out digitally and the software records the actual time a child was both signed in and out of the service/childcare.
  • Digital attendances are completed by verified users which include Parents, Educators, Directors, and Administrators using a unique email and mobile phone number authorised by Centre Manager of Administration



  • Digital attendees are recorded and logged into the Xplor software which automatically marks the children's attendances and includes:
    1. The user who signed the child in/out
    2. Time & Date (Includes the hour, minutes & seconds)
  • Each week on Friday night Xplor automatically submits the attendance to CCS it is the responsibility of the Centre Manager of Administration to check and confirm attendances prior to the close of business Friday


Reporting - (Ensuring the data is correct)

Children's sessions and digital attendances are logged as a record in the following:

  • Xplor's Master Roll (Sessions, Bookings)
  • Child's Digital Profile (Attendance)
  • Parent App
  • Parent Statement
  • Educator App
  • Attendance Reports (Attendance List & Attendance Summary)


Systems Training and Staff Responsible:

Woodlands has access to Xplor CCS Training to develop and support staff who are authorised and appointed to manage CCMS accounts which includes:

  • Online knowledgebase articles and videos
  • CCS Support and Training Line 7:00 am - 7:00 pm (Phone, Chat, Email)
  • Account Manager and CCMS Support Agent Brian Hammett
  • In-person CCS training provided by Xplor
  • Certified in handling and managing CCS Child Care Subsidy


Fraud Prevention:

Only authorised users, verified by the licensed provider, have access to manage CSS accounts and entitlements.

  • Xplor tracks specific actions in the system which can be reviewed on request
  • Authorised individuals are required to change their Xplor Admin password every three months
  • Xplor Admin password is changed if an authorised person leaves Woodlands. This is completed by the Owner- Fay Woodland who is the only member with Administration access to Xplor


Service Philosophy

  • The development and review of the philosophy and policies will be a continuous process on an annual basis or when required.
  • The philosophy and associated statement of purpose will reinforce all other documentation and the practices of the Service. The philosophy will reflect the principles of the approved national framework “Being Belonging Becoming” and “My Time, Our Place”.
  • There will be a collaborative and consultative process to support the development of the philosophy that will include children, parents and Educators.
  • All documents will be dated and include nominated review dates.



All members of the Management Committee along with the Nominated Supervisor, Educators and Staff who gain access to confidential information, whether in the course of their work or otherwise, shall not disclose information to anyone unless the disclosure of such information is required by law and will respect the confidentiality of all documents and meetings that occur. This also includes:

  • Using information acquired for their personal or financial benefit, or for the benefit of any other person
  • Permitting any unauthorised person to inspect, or have access to any confidential documents or other information.

 This obligation, placed on a member of the Committee of Management, Nominated Supervisor, Educator and Staff shall continue even after the individual has completed their term and is no longer on the Management Committee or employed by the Service.

The obligation to maintain confidentiality also applies to any person who is invited to any meetings of the Management Committee.


Ethical decision-making

Our Service will make decisions which are consistent with our policies and procedures which work in conjunction with the national education and care law and regulations, our approved learning framework (EYLF) and the ethical standards.


Review and Evaluation of the Service

  • Ongoing review and evaluation will support the continuing development of the Service. We will ensure that the evaluation involves all stakeholders.
  • The development of a Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) will form part of the reflection procedure. Reflection on what works within the Service and what needs additional development. This will be included in the QIP.


Maintenance of Records

  • The Service will adhere to record-keeping requirements outlined in the National Regulations.
  • The Service will adhere to maintaining Family statement of accounts with a minimum of 2 weeks CCS and attendance in arrears and 2 weeks estimate in advance. Family Statement of accounts will also include accurate electronic attendance data
  • The Service will adhere to the storage of confidential records outlined in the National Regulations.
  • The Service has a responsibility to keep sufficient records about staff, families and children in order to operate dependably and lawfully.
  • The Service will safeguard the interests of the children and their families and the staff, using procedures to ensure appropriate privacy and confidentiality practice is upheld
  • The Approved Provider assists in determining the process, storage place and timeline for storage of records.
  • The Service's orientation and induction processes will include the provision of significant information to managers, educators, children and families to comply with National Regulations and Standards.
  • The Approved Provider and the Nominated Supervisor will provide the Accountant with relevant income and expenditure reports, monthly or as requested, for auditing to ensure accountability and financial compliance.
  • The Approved Provider will need to ensure that the record retention procedure meets the requirements of the following government departments:
    1. Australian Tax Office (ATO)
    2. Family Assistance Office (FAO)
    3. Early Childhood Education and Community (ECEC)


Managing conflicts of interest

  • Conflict of interest, whether actual, potential or perceived, must be declared by all members of the Management Committee/Nominated Supervisor, Senior Staff and managed effectively to ensure integrity.
  • Every stakeholder that is in a position of management has a responsibility to ensure their transactions, external business interests and relationships will not provide potential conflicts and to make such disclosures in a timely manner as they arise.


The following process will be followed to manage any conflicts of interest:

  • Whenever there is a conflict of interest, the member concerned must notify the Approved Provider about the conflict
  • The member who is conflicted must not be present during the meeting of the Management Committee or Management meeting where the matter is being discussed, or participate in any decisions made on that matter. The member concerned must provide the committee / Licensee with any and all relevant information they possess on the particular matter.
  • The minutes of the meeting must reflect that the conflict of interest was disclosed and appropriate processes followed to manage the conflict.
  • A Conflict of interest disclosure statement must be completed by each member of the Management Committee / Staff member upon his or her appointment and annually thereafter. If the information in this statement changes during the year, the member shall disclose the change to the President / Licensee, and revise the disclosure statement accordingly.



  • Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (2014)
  • Guide to the Education and Care Services National Law
  • Guide to the Educational and Care Services National Regulations 2015
  • A New Tax System (Family Assistance)(Administration) Act 1999
  • ECA Code of Ethics
  • Guide to the National Quality Standard
  • A Directors Manual- Managing an early education and service in NSW
  • Work Health and Safety Act
  • Childcare Service Handbook (CCMS)
  • Revised National Quality Standards



Date Reviewed


Next Policy Review Date

October 2017

Updated references to comply with the revised National Quality Standard

November 2018

February 2019

Updated references to comply with new Family Assistance reporting requirements

February 2020

September 2019

Updated to reflect requirements specific to Roxburgh Park

February 2020


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