Woodland Enrolment Consents & Declarations

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Woodlands Consents: 

  1. Do you consent for the service to seek medical treatment for your child from a medical practitioner, hospital or ambulance in the event you cannot be contacted?
  2. Do you consent for your child to be transported by an ambulance service?
  3. Do you consent to the service to take photographs and videos of your child during normal activities and excursions?
  4. Do you consent to provide your child with a sun-safe hat for outdoor activities?
  5. I give permission for educators with current first aid to administer paracetamol in an emergency in the correct dosage for the age of my child. Administration of this medication will only be given in the event of a parent being un-contactable in consultation with the director or nominated supervisor.
  6. Do you consent to the service to apply sunscreen for your child before outdoor activities and excursions?
  7. Do you consent for the service to administer Ventolin or Epi-pen to your child in case of an emergency?
  8. I agree to accurately record the time of arrival and departure of my child from the service in accordance with the service requirements.
  9. I give permission for educators and school teachers/principals to share information about my child in relation to their care and wellbeing.
  10. I give permission for my child to use/view technology (i.e. Tablet, TV, iPod)
  11. I give permission for my child's photo to be displayed in public places.
  12. I agree to notify the service when my child is to be collected by any person other than those listed on this enrolment form in accordance with the services policies and procedures.
  13. I give permission for my child listed on this enrolment form to participate in regular "out and about" learning excursions in the local area, departing from the service by foot, with his/her class group, with his/her educators as dictated by student-staff ratio.
  14. I understand, in connection to regular outings, that the specific details including time away from the premises of each outing will be communicated to families via Xplor Home prior to the date.
  15. I understand if I do not agree to a specific Woodlands Consent or Declaration I will notify the Woodlands Campus via email. 

Woodlands Declarations: 

  1. I have read and understood the services policies and procedures and agree to follow these as a condition of enrolment (Available Here - https://woodlandelc.zendesk.com/hc/en-us).
  2. Do you agree to collect or make arrangement for the collection of your child if they become unwell at the service?
  3. Do you agree to keep your child away from the service if they display any symptom that could be considered contagious?
  4. I give permission for my child to participate in regular evacuation drills or an actual evacuation when necessary. I understand that my child will be relocated from the service under the supervision of their educator and service team member to a safety zone for evacuation purposes.
  5. I am aware that I am required to pay my service fees in accordance with their policies and non-payment could result in the cancellation of my child’s enrolment and recovery action may be undertaken at my expense.
  6. I am aware that fees are charged weekly and non-payment could result in the cancellation of my child's enrolment and recovery action may be undertaken at my expense.
  7. I declare that I am the applicant named in the form and that all information and documents provided as part of my application are true and correct.
  8. I understand that Xplor has provided a general enrolment form. Any difference or ambiguity between Xplor's enrolment form and the service's terms and conditions will be governed by the service's terms and conditions.


Woodlands Child Care Subsidy (CCS): 

  1. I understand I am responsible for any outstanding debt, including under the circumstances CSS (Child Care Subsidy) payments that have not been received by the Australian Government made Via Centrelink.
  2. I understand the provider is not in control of Child Care Subsidy entitlements or payments, and any disputes need to be made directly to Centrelink.
  3. I understand I need to provide the correct Primary Parent and Child CRN and Date of Birth details, and if the incorrect details are provided, I understand there may be delays in CSS (Child Care Subsidy) payments.
  4. I understand only one parent is connected to Centrelink to receive CSS (Child Care Subsidy) payments, and this parent/guardian is required to be highlighted as the primary career on the enrolment.  
  5. I understand the child's CRN and Parent's CRN will not be the same and is a 9-digit number with one letter at the end and can be obtained by contacting Centrelink. 
  6. I understand all aspects of the Child Care Subsidy relating to child attendance and the financial effects it may have. 

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