Woodlands recognises that student placements are important for the training and development of future carers for children in the wider community and so will offer placements to students studying specifically related courses. For all students placement, the Educational Leader is responsible for students placement, however, the Educational Leader can have the Leadership to support them through this process if need be. 



This policy applies to children, families, staff, management and visitors of the service.



Woodlands will offer placements to students studying a diploma, a degree in early childhood or Certificate I-III.

Note: Student placements will be organised in a manner that is planned, appropriate and suits the needs and culture of the centre and in collaboration and guidance of the Educational Leader. 

  • Placement students will be allocated a room leader/mentor.
  • Students are expected to abide by the requirements of the Education and Care Services National Regulations.
  • Students are required to abide by and act in accordance with the centres policies and principles.
  • Students will be expected to complete the full hours unless there are urgent circumstances (need to collect child/ren as there is no one else available, care for family member or in an emergency).


Responsibilities of the placement mentor teacher

Placements provide rich opportunities to learn from mentors. Mentoring practices enable students to reflect on their practice. Mentoring a student is a rewarding experience where the mentor and mentee can exchange ideas and reflect on practice together. Students can also bring new ideas to the learning environment.

Mentors support their mentees by offering timely, ongoing feedback and by demonstrating theory in practice in terms of policies, procedures and planning. As the mentor teacher's passion and insight are shared, students begin to understand that relationships form the educational core for learning.

Clear communication between the mentor teacher and student about safety and wellbeing practices on placement is essential.


Our responsibilities

Woodlands have a responsibility to ensure that:

  • All necessary paperwork is completed prior to the student commencing their placement.
  • An induction process is undertaken for all students prior to commencing their placement.
  • All students are supervised by a qualified staff member at all times.
  • Students are not to be left alone or left in charge of a group of children.
  • Students are made aware of the conditions of their placement as outlined previously. 


Termination of practicum

Termination of studentโ€™s placement will occur if the student:

  • Harms or is at risk of harming a child in their care.
  • Is under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Fails to notify the Service if they will not be attending the Service
  • Is observed using repeated inappropriate behaviour at the Service.
  • Does not comply with all policies and procedures addressed in the student package
  • Does not provide the photo with an introduction on commencement.
  • Does not keep up to date with their work placement tasks.


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